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Address3213 Duke Street, #690
Alexandria, VA 22314
United States
Daytime phone(703) 828-5346
Mobile phone(202) 553-0066
Fax number202-204-6321
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11 little things about Stephen

1. Was born in Hawaii and lived in 7 states plus Europe. The hardest question for him to answer is “where are you from?”

2. His father is Filipino and Scottish, his mother Italian and Ukranian. Stephen has no idea what to tell his son when he asks “what nationality am I?”

3. Lived in Berlin Germany when the wall fell

4. Jumped out of airplanes while in the Army, but is scared of heights

5. Can not spell definately, definatly, definetly , so he uses the word “certainly” instead

6. Was a Vegetarian for four years but ironically, he is not a huge fan of vegetables

7. Studied photography at Ball State University because he thinks he looks good in black

8. Is physically addicted to Law and Order marathons, traveling and In-N-Out Burgers

9. Feels most at home in NYC

10. Became a father in 2012

11. Once lived out of his car for six months to pursue his dream of becoming a professional photographer